Based in Calgary, AB, Canada, Launchpad 403 is dedicated to helping new entrepreneurs, struggling freight brokerages, startups, or any individuals looking for an advantage in the growing logistics and trucking industry.


Only looking forward to the global leaders

With several years of experience leading a successful logistics company and offering top-notch consulting services, Launchpad 403 is newly founded to provide more direct attention and skilled expertise to those who need it most.

With a passion for teamwork, efficiency, and innovative problem-solving, their crew is ready to help launch you to the next level in your business, career, or investment journey.


At Launchpad 403, we always look at the bigger picture for the greater good of our clients as we focus on positive long-term development by the intersection of their emerging needs and the acceleration of business through objective advice and high-quality support.


We stand for quality and timelessness in everything we do, and remain dedicated to excellence and delivering beyond expectations



As time continues to change, our vision remains constant- to infuse technology and quality to deliver the perfect experience by equipping you with the innovative tools and guidance to cherish a profitable business, we are Launchpad 403 and we Launch BIG.